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Life is worth living at its fullest, and we are all connected.
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are you feeling less than great?

Too much stress at work or school?
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Difficult relationships? 
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Body aches? Weight issues? Mobility problems?
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Let us help you in times of difficulty. Your Self-Healing might need counselling, coaching, hypnosis or energy work to really produce the benefits you deserve. 
I have learned and grown in my experience thanks to the teachers and guides I met along the way and the studies and the practices developed by many others before I introduced my personal contribution to the work. 
Nobody makes it completelly alone. 
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 "The name freelieve came to me as I thought about how I feel in Malta: relieved and free to live. So I decided it would be the official name that combines all that I love to do to help people in the ways I have learned. Most healing techniques have great power to change the world one person at a time -- yet, it's not what we "know", but how deeply we know it. Since my teaching days when I was much younger, I make it a point to really believe in what I do and to have it rooted deeply, so that it really works for everybody."

this is how we can help you

You might be familiar with the following holistic techniques, or it might be the first time you read about them.
Contact us to schedule a FREE 20 minute conversation with one of our counsellors, and you will already feel better.

Counselling helps you unravel mental fog, getting yourself out of confusion and embracing unexpressed emotions. Counselling is "professional listening" which helps you understand who you are and what is best for you here and now. Sometimes you can't do it all by yourself, and asking for help is not only legitimate, but a duty to ourselves.
Some of us prefer to manage our own changes, often without knowing the tools which make it easier. Let's find out what works best for you and monitor progress. Success is all thanks to your work.
Emotional Freedom Technique is an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. It is also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure. People who use this technique believe tapping the body can create a balance in your energy system and treat pain.
gong bathing
​Immerse yourself in the vibrations of the instruments during a session. Gong baths are often described as having transformational effects on body, mind, and spirit. A gong bath is a form of sound healing meditation.
posture breathing
Controlled breathing in conjunction with posture modification solves many problems of pain, limited mobility, emotional and physical discomfort. In our studio, at home or online, follow personalized programs to help you feel better right away.
"Just" breathing is not enough! You need to know how to breathe in order to feel good and stay in good health. What the mind cannot resolve inevitably becomes a burden on the body. We teach you how to use the most suitable breathing styles for mind-body regeneration. Correct breathing opens the doors to complete well-being.
energy work
It is now known that many energetic techniques such as Reiki, Pranotherapy, Quantum-Touch and many more are producing great results every day. Invisible forces connect us to the world and to each other through a delicate network, a field of information called the "Morphogenic Field". Working the field with energy treatments helps your transformation right away. And since the field is free from the constraints of space, it is possible even from a distance.
Gain access to "the Matrix" and open yourself up to infinite possibilities: change your inner conversation and the way you feel about the past, find undiscovered resources, mend the breaks, heal the emotional pain, find guidance from your higher self. The Matrix is your universe-given unlimited bank of knowledge and richness.  It's time to withdraw what's yours, now!
If the word makes you suspicious or fearful, let us shed some light on the wonderful natural state of hypnosis and the benefits of its sessions. There is a world of benefits to be discovered within this art that guides you in a profound state of relaxation where you can rediscover and enhance the best of you and neutralize the rest of you which has held you back with limiting programs. Why keep driving in traffic when there's a highway inside you?
Meditation, the great unknown? Let yourself be guided in this process of introspection and deep relaxation. Balance your system, rediscover serenity and enjoy recovery time just for you.
gestalt equine counselling
The wisdom of animals for people's benefit. Behavioral patterns among horses can be applied to human interaction. Explore the world of this amazing technique.
Physical benefits of yoga include: increased flexibility. increased muscle strength and tone. improved respiration, energy and vitality. maintaining a balanced metabolism. weight reduction. cardio and circulatory health. improved athletic performance. protection from injury.
deep relaxation
Do you simply want to reach a very deep and rejuvenating level of relaxation? If the rhythms of the day are too tight for you, treat yourself to a session of Deep Relaxation. In the studio with or without touch, or in your home in an online session, enjoy a break in paradise designed specifically for your personality and according to your life circumstances.
Each organ of the human body is connected along lines already known in ancient and traditional medicine throughout the world. Points along these lines can be stimulated to induce beneficial transformations also achieved through practices such as acupuncture. Rediscover well-being with foot or hand reflexology in sessions in the studio or at your home.
lymph drainage massage
Lymphatic drainage is a particular massage technique, exercised in areas of the body characterized by excessive reduction of the lymphatic circulation. Lymphatic drainage, as the word itself implies, favors the drainage of lymphatic fluids from the tissues: the manual mechanical action is exercised at the level of areas that affect the lymphatic system in order to facilitate the outflow of stagnant organic liquids.
When the body is busy working out a sweat, the mind is much more keen to absorbe suggestions and create long lasting transformations. The same is true when you experience strong emotions like joy, fear, or anger -- but let's face it: it's easier and more manageable to go for a power walk or a nice hike, especially here in Malta. When you think you are ready, let's go out to the coastline in nature, and I will personally have you change your thoughts in a way you never thought possible. It's all self-healing, but let me be your guide and take your hand along the way.
vocal coaching
The power of the voice is immense both from the expressive point of view and from the energetic one. The throat, an vital energy center traditionally linked to the fifth chakra, is the most direct connection between the self and the others to make ourselves known, understood and appreciated. Yet, the voice we use is only the one we have learned our own by imitation; for as wonderful as this is, it's also very limiting. Vocal coaching helps you to broaden your expressive dynamic whether you are a speaker, a presenter, a communicator, singer, actor, or perhaps you simply want to feel more alive and free among others. Surprise yourself and discover the joy of making your voice proudly heard in the world.
chakra cleansing
Chakras are the circular vortexes of energy that are placed in seven different points on the spinal column, and all the seven chakras are connected to the various organs and glands within the body. These chakras are connection points to life energy, which is also known as Qi or Praana.
Chakra balancing can be obtained through pure colored lights, sounds, touch, chanting, oils, food, vocalizations and visualizations.
Ready to try it? 

registri Akashici
La lettura dei registri Akashici ti aiuta ad  acquisire consapevolezza, e equilibrio tra passato presente e futuro.
reiki Usui
Questa tecnica giapponese riporta benessere attraverso un'energia sottile che riconnette la consapevolezza ed equilibra i chakra con l'uso delle mani o a distanza.
Livelli I, II e III
tarologia psicoesoterica
Alejandro Jodorowsky dice: "Se qualcuno viene da me e mi chiede: incontrerò l’uomo della mia vita?” io gli rispondo: “io non posso dirti se lo incontrerai ma ti posso dire perché non lo hai ancora incontrato”.
(italiano in studio)
Il massaggio è la più antica forma di terapia fisica, utilizzata per alleviare lo stress e i dolori, per decontrarre la muscolatura e per allontanare la fatica. Si basa su manovre eseguite sul corpo per poter lenire dolori muscolari o articolari, allentare tensioni e affaticamento muscolare, per tonificare il volume di alcuni tessuti, ma sopratutto porta un miglioramento al benessere psichico del soggetto.
Il massaggio è un contatto, uno scambio energetico, una comunicazione profonda tra cliente e terapista.
gatto terapia?
No, ma sarebbe bello.

Questo è solo uno spazio vuoto dove aggiungere nuove tecniche. 

Ma ci piace credere che anche il sorriso che state vivendo vi faccia bene!

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